Technology Project Management

From Infrastructure to Coding: Seasoned, Complete, Cost Conscious, Project Management

The Three States of Project Knowledge
Broad and Deep Knowledge

GBA knows technology from core out:
Power, UPS, and Cooling
Servers, Virtualization, and Cloud Computing
Desktops, Laptops, Remote Computing
Telephone Systems and Services
Video Conferencing and Collaborative Systems
Applications Development Environments

Vast Experience

We have over 30 calendar years and hundreds of years of combined experience. We have unsurpassed experience in projects such as:
Greenfield Data Centers and Large Office Buildings
Office and Data Center Equipment Relocations
Technology Infrastructure, Devices and Operating System Changes
Branch office Installations
Applications and Collaborative Environments Development (MS SharePoint)

Vendor History

Our knowledge and our experience extends to the vendors that contribute to your projects. We know how they bid, staff, and execute their portion of projects. We know the questions they don't ask and the information they need to know. We know lead times and coordination requirements. And, we know how and to whom to escalate when its required to get the project completed on time and on budget

We have the tools drive your project forward

We leverage online tools for budgeting, task and schedule management, and reporting

  • Secure SharePoint collaboration

    A concise project dashboard provides a quick view into the schedule, resources, issues, budget status for the project.  All other documentation regarding the project and its history is maintained and available for review.

  • Secure On-Line MS PRoject

    All project tasks and schedules are created and tracked.

  • Tailored  Communication

    Regular project reporting, risk, issues, and change control communication is developed and executed to meet our clients' needs.

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We know technology!

Many projects involve the selection and implementation of new technology. We have the expertise and experience to guide our clients in obtaining the best technology from the best vendors for their needs.

Cabling, power, cooling, racks, severs, network, voice, and video conferencing systems, we know the systems and the implications for their selection in supporting your business.

We also know applications, development, and software as a service. We know the elements of a make or buy decision and we have the skills to manage the implementation.

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Completed Projects

Below are a sampling of projects we have successfully completed.

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    "What you know you know"

    GBA leverages your knowledge of your business and your goals by applying our techniques, tools, and experience.

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    "What you know you don't know"

    GBA guides your project and, with our experience, asks and gets needed answers, that you may have missed, to the technology and vendor questions that leads to project success.

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    "What you don't know you don't know"

    GBA's experience limits the unknowns that can impact your project's schedule and budget. Our expertise insures that the unforseen is dealt with quickly, to address the issue or risk.

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